January 2015

Creation of EEU, Efforts to Pacify Ukraine among 2014 Foreign Policy Priorities, Will Remain in Focus in 2015


Minister of Foreign Affairs Erlan Idrissov stressed the strategic importance of Kazakhstan’s multi-vector foreign policy as he summarised the outcomes of the nation’s foreign policy work for 2014 at a Dec. 26 press conference at the Central Communications Services.

Regional Problems Ultimately Trump Ukraine as Defining Issue in Central Asia

By Paul Goble

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its intervention in other parts of Ukraine, many in Central Asia and beyond concluded that the foreign and domestic policies of the five Central Asian countries would be radically and irreversibly changed by those events. Some saw Moscow’s actions in Ukraine leading the countries of that region to turn further away from Russia and seek expanded ties with the West or China in order to protect themselves against what many feared would be a Russian move against them. Other observers concluded that these countries would pursue the opposite strategy, seeking to protect their internal political arrangements by allying themselves even more closely with the Russian Federation (Interfax, April 4, 2014; The Moscow Times, March 19, 2014).