December 2014

Should We Be Afraid of Prompt Global Strike?

By Prokhor Tebin

American efforts to develop Prompt Global Strike systems have caught the attention of Russian leaders and experts for some time. Amidst deteriorating Russia-US relations, these efforts are perceived rather warily by the Russian side and often treated as a threat to the strategic stability and national security of Russia. To find out if these concerns are justified, we must look closely into the matter.

The End of Consensus: What does Europe Want from Russia?



Many in Russia believe that the EU sanctions appeared as a result of the Ukrainian conflict and pressure from Washington. But the reasons for the current deterioration in Russia’s relations with Europe are far more profound. Germany, the only EU leader at this time, is assuming responsibility for the entire European space and reviving long-forgotten geopolitical realities—even at the expense of its own economy. What is Russia to do under these new conditions?

Success in the Euro area will require constant hard work from Lithuania


By Christoph Klingen

As celebrations around the globe usher in 2015, a few extra champagne corks will pop in Vilnius. Lithuania is joining the Eurozone – a joyous event marking the final step in Lithuania’s determined march on the path of integration with Europe – a path that has served it well. But what will it take to become a successful member of the club in the years ahead? How to avoid pitfalls and embrace opportunities instead?

V4 divergences: symptom of a deeper crisis in Europe?

By Sofia Casablanca

The spread of the Ukrainian crisis has aroused strong reactions of the USA and the European Union against Russian interference in Ukrainian politics. Russia is a strategic market for Europe and the close trades and financial links have pushed the European Union in the direction of a more moderate and careful response, at first. Because of the stalemate in the dialogue between Moscow and Kiev and the threat of a Russian military intervention in Ukraine, the EU has aligned its plan sanctions against Russia with the USA one, between July and September.