October 2014

Why Is Turkey Increasing Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean?

By Michael Leigh

On September 23, the drill ship SAIPEM 10000 — built in South Korea at the cost of $250 million and flying the flag of the Bahamas — arrived in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus to begin exploring for gas under a license awarded to an Italian-South Korean consortium, ENI-KOGAS. The Cyprus government hopes that additional discoveries over the next 18 months in its EEZ will be sufficient to make its plans to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant on the island, to condition gas for export, commercially viable. 

Common security challenges and risks in EU-Ukraine relations


BY Vira Ratsiborynska

Starting from the beginning of 2014, both the EU and Ukraine have been facing many common challenges related to their respective border, energy and defense security. The instability in the eastern part of the EU’s neighborhood caused by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and the violation and unilateral redrawing of Ukraine's borders by Moscow, push the EU to rethink its current approaches to its own security with the goal to enable the EU to adequately respond to these challenges. This task can be very difficult for the EU and would require the EU’s consistency and unanimity in face of the different risks resulting from a geopolitical confrontation with Russia.