September 2014

Maksim Bakiyev's extradition to be discussed during visit of British Minister of Justice to Bishkek – British MPs

Maxim Bakiev Extradition of Maksim Bakiyev and his cronies will be discussed during the upcoming visit of the British Minister of Justice to Bishkek, British MPs John Mann and Andrew Rosindell said at the meeting with Parliament Speaker Asilbek Jeenbekov on September 23.

Iran Prepares for a Leadership Transition

Though Iran has been broadcasting pictures and videos of top state officials and noted foreign dignitaries visiting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in the hospital, the health of the man who has held the most powerful post in the Islamic Republic remains unclear. The unusual public relations management of what has been described as a prostate surgery suggests Tehran may be preparing the nation and the world for a transition to a third supreme leader. Iranian efforts to project an atmosphere of normalcy conceal concerns among players in the Iranian political system that a power vacuum will emerge just as the Islamic republic has reached a geopolitical crossroads. 

Moscow Prepares Revised Military Doctrine

By Roger McDermott

Russian President Vladimir Putin undoubtedly timed the coordinated effort to initiate a ceasefire in southeastern Ukraine to coincide with both the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) September 4-5 summit in Newport, Wales, and the European Union’s threat of additional sanctions against his country. However, due to the downturn in relations with the Alliance since the annexation of Crimea and ongoing Russian involvement in the Ukraine crisis, Moscow has also signaled its own counter-response, though consigned to the doctrinal security policy level. Senior Russian defense officials confirmed in early September that the 2010 Military Doctrine will now be revised by the end of the year. This is allegedly driven by NATO enlargement, its military infrastructure “gradually” increasing close to Russia’s borders, the United States’ missile defense system and, of course, the crisis in Ukraine (, September 4).