July 2014


By Alina Kantor

Fugitive oligarch and former high-ranking official of Kazakhstan Rakhat Aliyev detained in Vienna on a warrant prosecutors issued May 19 this year. Today, he is kept in prison Josefstadt. Austrian authorities a few years Kazakhstan denied extradition of ex-official, and the investigation conducted passivno.Hotya facts of his criminal activity had already had enough. 

Hard Truths About Europe’s Soft Power

By Nick Witney

In the run-up to last December’s European Union defense summit, British General Nick Houghton warned that the United Kingdom’s armed forces risked being “hollowed out.” Too little of Britain’s reduced defense budget was being spent on personnel, he noted, and too much on “exquisite” equipment bought for the wrong reasons. “We must also be careful,” he cautioned, “that the defense budget is not disproportionately used to support the British defense industry.”

Catalonia: Facing a Difficult Choice


By Sergei Khenkin

The parties supporting Catalonian independence from the rest of Spain dominate that autonomous community. A referendum on self-determination is scheduled for November 9, 2014. However, according to the Constitution, no entity can hold a referendum without the consent of Spanish authorities or without a permit for a national referendum. This provision of the Basic Law was recently confirmed by the Congress of Deputies, the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, and the Spanish Constitutional Court, which prohibited Catalonia from holding this referendum. Nevertheless, the regional authorities continue to try and achieve this goal. The currently acute situation is quite dangerous, particularly with regards to the unpredictability of both sides.