July 2014

Leszek Balcerowicz: Delay in imposing sanctions against Russia threatens loss of credibility in EU

Poland's former Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and former Chairman of the National Bank of Poland, Professor Leszek Balcerowicz is one of the currently renowned Poles. He went down in history as the father of economic reforms of the late 1980s, which took Poland out of the bankrupt socialist market system into a democratic society. His opinion and recommendations are still listened to in Poland, Europe and the world. Balcerowicz is a regular participant in many international forums, has an active civic position, does not hide his views on the situation in Ukraine, which he shared in an exclusive interview with Ukrinform.

Why China Will Reclaim Siberia

By Frank Jacobs

“A land without people for a people without land.” At the turn of the 20th century, that slogan promoted Jewish migration to Palestine. It could be recycled today, justifying a Chinese takeover of Siberia. Of course, Russia's Asian hinterland isn't really empty (and neither was Palestine). But Siberia is as resource-rich and people-poor as China is the opposite. The weight of that logic scares the Kremlin.

The Limits of Climate Negotiations

By Jeffrey D. Sachs

If the world is to solve the climate-change crisis, we will need a new approach. Currently, the major powers view climate change as a negotiation over who will reduce their CO2 emissions (mainly from the use of coal, oil, and gas). Each agrees to small “contributions” of emission reduction, trying to nudge the other countries to do more. The United States, for example, will “concede” a little bit of CO2 reduction if China will do the same.



By Arthur Dunn

Some media reported that Kiev secretly started preparing fighting in the Crimea. In a possible conflict can be dragged NATO forces, "Right sector" and Crimean Tatars. The main base for operations is considered adjacent to the Crimea, Kherson region. Simultaneously, the concentration of troops and weapons, which the Ukrainian media portrayed as a temporary strengthening of the border with the peninsula. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the purpose of Kiev unleash an armed conflict in the territory captured Crimea, which will be drawn in the local population and the Crimean Tatars.