July 2014


Scheduled for August in the history of the country's first direct presidential elections in Turkey raises several questions. The first - whether Erdogan, being the undisputed leader preliminary interviews, to avoid a second round, and the confrontation with the united opposition? Second - who will be given to the prime minister. And the third - what happens if Erdogan still lose the election.

Russia Has Become Dangerous Again

By David Frumjul

It was not even a month ago that Vladimir Putin stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the elected leaders of the Western world to commemorate the D-Day invasion. I hope whoever issued that invitation has the decency to feel some embarrassment today. Through the past eight months of escalating Russian violence against Ukraine, too many European governments have treated the Ukraine issue as remote and marginal: regrettable, yes, but not a threat to the peace of the continent. It was more important, they felt, to sustain a normal relationship with Russia. That illusion died yesterday along with the murdered passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.


By Daniel Rozanov

Settlements, where no more than 20 thousand inhabitants, can be translated into biofuels. Under biofuels may refer to as biodiesel and biogas. Ukraine has all the prerequisites to and biodiesel, and biogas. For the first required oilseeds, which are still actively cultivated in Ukraine, and for the second - any biomass, which is also there in abundance. Of course, the cost of biogas now will be much higher than natural. But more to build biogas plants - the cheaper they will be produced gas. And most importantly - biogas "well" will never be exhausted. 

Baltic States and Poland to cooperate in intelligent transport system development

By Danuta Pavilenene

In Vilnius, the representatives of national road administration directorate from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Intentions in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) related to the national traffic management systems and development of the Via Baltica road corridor, informed BC the Ministry of Transport.