April 2012

Russian shift on Syria is key, says former NATO chief

By Michael Knigge

Syrian opposition demands more supportReport links Syrian rebels with human rights abusesSyrian First Lady Asma al-Assad: The good wifeSyrian forces commit 'systematic torture': reportOn a deadly mission: Journalists in SyriaThe reel revolutionSyrian crisis could spill over into LebanonSyrian deserters lead charge to overthrow AssadRefugees torn over return to violent Syria Russia’s shifting stance towards Syria is essential to end the conflict, former NATO Secretary-General Jaap De Hoop Scheffer tells DW. He also urges Russian President-elect Putin to attend the upcoming NATO summit.

Russia’s Energy Plans for Turkey

Russia is interested in building natural gas storage facilities in Turkey, officials from Russia's Gazprom said March 20. Over the winter, Gazprom redirected natural gas from its storage facilities in Europe after a spike in demand in Turkey. Now, Gazprom wants to build underground natural gas storage facilities in Turkey to help when supplies dwindle in the future.

Presidents of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia Attend Seoul Nuclear Summit


By Richard Weitz

Several Eurasian leaders were among the 54 heads of state, deputy prime ministers, or foreign ministers who attended the March 26-27 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea. The main objective of the summit was to prevent non-state actors such as terrorists or criminals from acquiring dangerous nuclear materials, a constant worry in the post-Soviet space due to the legacy of the USSR’s massive nuclear weapons program.