October 2011

A U.S.-European strategy with Putin's Russia

By Denis Corboy, William Courtney And Kenneth Yalowitz

Western relations with Russia have improved since nose-diving after the 2008 war with Georgia, but they face new challenges with the return to the presidency next year of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is often critical of the West. A new strategy is required to achieve attainable and important interests while not jeopardizing key principles.

From Geopolitical Point of View, Kazakhstan is Very Important and Lithuania is Ready to be its Worthy Partner – interview of the President of the Lithuanian Republic Dalia Grybauskaite

From Geopolitical Point of View Kazakhstan is Very Important, and Lithuania is Ready to Become its Worthy Partner. This was declared by the President of the Lithuanian Republic Dalia Grybauskaite during an exclusive interview to the official web-site of the President www.akorda.kz and Agency “Khabar”.

Nuclear safety is a common goal for Lithuania and Kazakhstan


President Dalia Grybauskaitė, currently on her first official visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the meeting with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev discussed nuclear safety issues - significant for both countries - and agreed to work together on the international arena for more effective measures aimed at ensuring the safety of nuclear facilities.

Linkevičius: Challenges of NATO are Greater, the Contribution of Europe - Smaller

«Recently in the EU they have claimed  that we can do more with less money. This sounds nice from poetic point of view. From political  - maybe, also nice. But it doesn’t seem nice to those who should do that”, - states former Ambassador to NATO, and now – Advisor of the Prime Minister on the issues of defense and security Linas Linkevičius.

They can tear Georgia into pieces

By Ilona Raskolnikova

American expert Ariel Cohen has once again decided to play the role of visionary. He has promised that this year will become critical for Georgia, as it should now decide the fate of the state and the future course of its development. Due to the weak support from Washington the Caucasian republic can completely find itself in the power of Kremlin. Republican mood of Mr. Cohen has long been known to us. Let's see what kind of future awaits Sakartvelo under different scenarios.

Ukraine and Azerbaijan Map Out LNG Project Via Georgia and Black Sea

By Vladimir Socor

To reduce its dependence on expensive Russian natural gas, Ukraine proposes to import Azerbaijani liquefied natural gas (LNG) via Georgia and across the Black Sea to Ukraine. Recent gas discoveries in Azerbaijan, and the reactivation of the Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan gas pipeline project, encourage a growing number of consumer countries to turn to Azerbaijan as a gas producer and transit country. Kyiv’s proposal to Baku underscores this trend.