British referendum to change EU - Latvian formin

British referendum to change EU - Latvian formin

The British referendum on the EU membership will change the European Union, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (Unity) said at the extraordinary congress of the Unity party in Riga on Saturday.


He said it was hard to predict the outcome of the referendum but, regardless of the referendum results, the EU would be entirely different afterwards.


If the United Kingdom votes to stay in the EU, a number of compromises have already been negotiated regarding the British role in the EU and other matters.


If the United Kingdom chooses to withdraw from the EU, other countries might pick up the trend to further crumble up the EU, Rinkevics said, noting that, for Latvia, it was vital to strengthen its energy independence which would be impossible without the EU.


The minister also stated that Latvia’s foreign policy priorities included security, competitiveness, and links with the diaspora.











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