“Black Stalkers” Intensifying in Central Asia

“Black Stalkers” Intensifying in Central Asia

By Alina Kantor

In recent years the number of local conflicts has increased in the world. Total redistribution of property is taking place. Whole countries and peoples are being involved into the game of survival, the main prize of which is resources. This process is accompanied with revolutions and ends as a rule with occurrence of a puppet government.


In this view not only Near East but also Central Asia is of interest for the global players. Thus one of the key states of the region Kazakhstan, a stable and dynamically developing state more is trapped into the sphere of interests of definite forces with own interests. On the eve of the claimed withdrawal of the coalition troops from neighbor Afghanistan headed by the USA, the interests of these powers are able to enhance new challenges and threats towards Kazakhstan and other states of the region.


One of the brightest personalities of the recent time, powering these forces has become the ex-Minister, ex-banker, a great speculator searched by the police of Kazakhstan, Russia and England - Mukhtar Ablyazov, who was forced to leave the scene for a deep cover. Living in West the ex Prime Minister Akezhan Kazhegeldinov played a definite part in this after having been exiled from Kazakhstan. According to British Mass Media he presented for the High Court of England the documents, refuting the arguments of Mukhtar Ablyazov and another escapee Rakhat Aliyev. A part of them was published in authoritative “The Guardian”. The say that Kazhegeldinov has given the court the list of Ablyazov’s property trying to expose the ex son-in-law of the Kazakhstani President Rakhat Aliyev, the man who was the reason for the roams of the ex Prime Minister Kazhegeldinov in West.


There are grounds to say that Rakhat Aliyev is connected with the family Khorani, the representatives of which now have processes against Astana in England, France and the USA. Aliyev himself acts during these as a witness in their favor. In its turn, a number of Mass Media said about a direct connection, which Khorani had with Arab terrorist organizations. These businessmen, who used to work in Kazakhstan, appear in the documents of the High Court in London, Arbitrary Court in New York and Commercial Court at the World Bank in Paris. According to the testimonies, given by Rakhat Aliyev during these trials, it appears that they were successful businessmen in Kazakhstan. Many experts doubt that deeply. I doubt it deeply. There are no names in the list of successful Kazakhstani businessmen. Although, I also don’t consider Aliyev to be a successful businessman. Testimonies of Aliyev in these trials are full of lie. As for the contacts of these persons with terrorists, the ex Prime Minister Kazhegeldinov advises reporters to search facts more carefully, as it has sense.


As well as for the interest of the Interpol towards relatives of the escaped banker Ablyazov, ex-official Khrapunov, whose accounts in Swiss banks have been arrested following the fact of criminal case initiation by Geneva’s Prosecutor’s Office.


Today the so-called Ablyazov team is practically broken. Some of them are in prison for revolution arrangement, others have escaped. It’s clear that reach Kazakhstan, in the soils of which all the Mendeleev’s table elements are hidden shall keep on being in focus. This is the reason of activation of one of the associates of Ablyazov – Galymzhan Zhakiyanov. He headed two regions - Semipalatinsk and Pavlodar. With assistance of Zhakiyanov in 1990 they created a financial-industrial group “Semei”, where the local businessmen group accumulated, who later comprised the core of his team.


And at this field already a big game started. In 1997 Zhakiyanov established Semipalatinsk City Bank, which was included into the FIG “Semei”. Later it was transferred in Pavlodar, following the new place of work of Zhakiyanov and gained name “IrtyshBiznesBank”. Then the bank was sold to the corporation “Astana Holding”, owned by Ablyazov, and as a result plundered by the same patterns as the BTA Bank but more modestly.


Being the Mayor of Pavlodar region, Zhakiyanov with his arbitrary decision forced all big business obligatory to be serviced in his own bank. Many enterprises of the city artificially went bankrupt, after which multi-million facilities were sold for nothing. Some members of this financial-industrial group gained the status of political refugees in Ukraine, the others escaped to Mongolia.


These refugees revealed special interest in Ukraine. Thus, for example, there they opened a scientific-manufacturing complex “Max-Well”. De jure it was a Ukrainian-American company, de facto – the role of an American party was performed by a native Kazakhstani with American citizenship Ken Alibek. Instead of declared manufacturing of drugs right in a year after opening the company announced bankruptcy, having a debt in BTA-Bank for about 100 millions USD. All property of “Max-Well” appeared in the property of the company “Eurasia-Ukraine” – a subsidiary of the big group “Eurasia”, the President of which is Mukhtar Ablyazov. 


As known, Ablyazov and Zhakiyanov, imaging themselves as political opposition, still were imprisoned for their business-activity. Although, they did not the total term, the officials pardoned both of them. Today Zhakiyanov is dealing with selling of metals, barraging between China and Mongolia.


According to a number of Mass Media exactly they cover the criminal business on non-ferrous metals in western part of Kazakhstan. Black stalkers have gone out of control completely – disassemble railways, power lines. The offices for receipt of non-ferrous metals are becoming a threat to national security, as it’s only a miracle which allowed till recently avoiding train crashes. Zhakiyanov and Co are trying to capitalize such business into their political activity. Most likely he’ll pick up the flag of the opposition. Qualified image-makers are maintaining him an image of a successful businessman, who hasn’t ossified and in his 50 keeps on studying in Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zhakiyanov criticizes the current economic and political situation in the country and declares that with time he intends to get back to policy.


Observers state, that with this objective Zhakiyanov in reality creates a financial basis and is waiting the right moment.


All above-listed ex-officials and bankers after the accusations against them and successful escape to some foreign country, from which they shall hardly be deported “on political motives”, urgently proclaiming themselves “fathers of Kazakhstani democracy, suffering for the idea”. However, they have plenty of ideas. 

Especially considering the scopes of funds extracted from Kazakhstan and their huge experience in money laundering patterns development.


As per experts’ estimations, not lesser activity in Central Asia reveals at the moment Uzbek opposition. It grounds on pretty decisive Islamic spirits. It is noted that the opposition of Central Asia at the background of disappointment in “West-like” democratization in Afghanistan, without involvement of “Islamic factor” has little chances to succeed today. But differences between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are that in Kazakhstan the President manages from time to time to open the cover, i.e. everything is boiling but the cover is not twisted. The society is different. In Uzbekistan the Islamic factor had been always sleepy and now it has awoken due to the density of people in oases and cities. There is a feeling that Uzbekistan can follow the way of Pakistan. This shall be the board of secular power, grounding on bayonets, by a huge influence of church on society. This balance, if managed to be kept, shall become the formula of life for this country. Western values penetrate there really hard. And preachers who say that Western democracy went bad and suggest Islamic democracy, where everybody is equal and there are no reach people, in reality suggest a 2000 years old fairytale. But people keep on believing it. The same way is possible in Tajikistan. But much shall depend on what will be after the withdrawal of the troops of the coalition from Afghanistan. Many issues shall be decided there.






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