Berlin 'ready to cooperate' with incoming Polish government

Berlin 'ready to cooperate' with incoming Polish government

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert has said that Berlin is ready to cooperate with the incoming Polish government, with general election exit polls signalling a victory for a conservative coalition led by the Law and Justice party.


“The German government is ready to place full trust and engage in friendly cooperation with the new Polish government, when it is formed, as was the case with the government of [outgoing prime minister] Ewa Kopacz,” Seibert said.


“Germany and Poland - our two nations - have become close partners and friends, not only at the level of political cooperation, but above all in the sphere of interpersonal contacts,” he said.


He added that many Poles “live in Germany and they clearly feel good here.”


The Law and Justice party is widely regarded as a Eurosceptic formation, and party leader Jarosław Kaczyński argued in his 2011 book 'The Poland of our Dreams' that German Chancellor Angela Merkel “belongs to a generation of German politicians that would like to reinstate Germany's imperial power.”


Law and Justice has vehemently opposed the call for Poland to accept [chiefly Syrian and Eritrean] refugees.


However, Seibert has said that the German government is ready for “a new and, hopefully equally fruitful period of collaboration.”



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