The benefits are obvious

The benefits are obvious

By Kim Shtern

Kazakhstan, distancing itself from the global information war, is drawn into a global confrontation.


Recent events show that Kazakhstan is a key Central Asian republic, elected a new ground for the next round of information war. And if before the official Astana distanced from participation in it, then today there is a choice, how to behave on the power?


According to many observers, today two of Kazakhstan into the world. A real one, who continues to live and work peacefully. The second - a virtual, which is distorted and largely grotesque picture. For the first time began to be carried out the bombing of a sovereign state information using web bots and trolls bloggers, contaminating the space of the Internet various types of fraud and counterfeiting. Traffic increased sharply negative information on this country.

As it turned out, the reason was the issue of land. This theme is prevalent in social networks, in public and private media of the republic. It is about the adopted amendments to the Land Code of Kazakhstan, which allegedly allowed foreigners to buy property in the Kazakh land. Naturally, this caused a sharp rejection of society.


However, analysis of the situation shows that the land - it is not important. As it turned out, the reason for social discontent arose from scratch.


If you look deeper uproar about changes and additions to the Land Code, which was planned to enter into force on 1 July 2016. They in particular include the possibility of redemption in the private ownership of land through auctions. But this rule applies only Kazakhs themselves. This fact troublemakers not specifically say. That is, neither of which the sale of the land did not even talk. Foreign investors in Kazakhstan have the right to lease land. According to the amendments to the legislation introduced in 2014 - the deadline was extended from 10 to 25 years. But it is important to pay attention to a very important detail - this rate for at least 1.5 years before it did not cause any complaints. Second, increase the lease meets the strategic objectives of the Republic of Kazakhstan to attract investors in agriculture. After all, this is a very capital-intensive industry, and in order to get a return, ten years is not enough.


Why just today there is a sharp increase in negative rhetoric? Why is the word "rent" aggressively replaced by the word "sale". Why, someone trying hard to convince people that a foreign lessee is required to "occupied" land allocated to him?


Everything is explained simply, do not be a ground threads necessarily have had another. After backstage political strategists, run the script of destabilization in Kazakhstan, operate on the principle, the greater the lie, the more readily people believe it. From this series of candid fakes to undermine the authority of the law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan.


May 1, 2016, when the country celebrates the feast of unity, social networks and mobile apps blew Photo bloodied men, who allegedly suffered from the hands of the police in Kyzylorda (one of the regional centers). But it turned out that the picture is taken from the site of AJANSHABERLER news about events that took place in February 2015 in China. And this is just one of the many facts proving that certain forces in Kazakhstan announced the information war.


As a land conflict was literally sucked from the finger, and other relevant topics, it intends distorted, introducing into people's consciousness destabilizing installation. In part, this contributes to the prolonged crisis of raw materials, a drop in oil and metals prices. After all, Kazakhstan, though, and spends most of industrialization, is still commodity-dependent economies.


Institutional initiative of the authorities referred to herein as the "Plan of the nation - a hundred steps", focused just on what to eliminate hydrocarbon dependence. In economics this is reflected in the search for niches in the global market, where Kazakhstan could become truly competitive. One of these niches, just after agriculture. Just today, in this area started 22 major projects totaling $ 1 billion. But this is only the beginning. The recent foreign visits of the President of Kazakhstan has shown that this area is of great interest in Iran and Turkey, as well as in many other states. And as a result of all this will give the country new investments and advanced technologies, will allow the development of the agricultural potential of the republic.


So in due time I arrived, Turkey - giving free rent overseas business Mediterranean coast and constructed as a result of a strong tourism industry.


That is, the benefits are obvious. What we see in the end? We see that all of a sudden, at the most inopportune moment, any public debate on the land issue, suddenly received a powerful glow. And although the situation in the country remains stable, in social networks serious passions boil, creating a negative image of the authorities. And what this means is well known to anyone. At least the investors, many of whom intend to go to Kazakhstan, may reconsider its policy towards this country.


It is noted that some non-governmental organizations in the imaginary concern for the welfare of Kazakhstan are actually subversive. Fighting investors calls for the nationalization of their property, the criticism of educational reform in the course are any arguments. And if they do not, they are invented. It is known that in such cases, the search begins some sacred figure, which can provide a social explosion. Clogged police fictional character - it's just an attempt to warm up the audience, sounding out public opinion. According to experts, very soon we should expect provocations.


Of course, many people are interested in the question of who needs it, to undermine stability in the country, which ranks 9th largest territory and the world is between the two influential players in Russia and China in the international arena.

This question seems to open. But you can easily tell what would happen if in Kazakhstan will try to repeat the scenario in Ukraine or Kyrgyzstan. In this case, we can forget about strengthening the country's economy, it will remain on the raw material and the needle is still vulnerable. This can disrupt the plans of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the transformation of the transport and financial hub of Eurasia. In particular, if we talk about transit potential of Astana is an active participant of the program "One Belt - one way." It turns the country into a transport bridge between East and West, and with the newly opened road through Turkmenistan and Iran to the Persian Gulf, opens the way for the North-South line.


It was Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev today is indisputable mediator, which allows you to build a close relationship in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union with the European Union, bringing together the positions of the two integration associations. Investments states that are experiencing difficulties in dealing with Russia, in particular with regard to the Turkish business It is going to Kazakhstan.


That is the sum total impression that the information attack, designed to undermine the economic growth of Kazakhstan is not so much how many of its neighbors. It appears that no one sets out to destroy the Kazakhstan as a sovereign state. All the same margin of safety in this country is very high. But make life difficult, it is possible. Against the background of increasing global confrontation - this strategy can serve several purposes and one of them to make Astana change its multi-vector policy, select a someone's side in the impending global confrontation.






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