Asia is becoming closer to Europe

Asia is becoming closer to Europe

By Arthur Dunn

Visit in 2016 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in Poland attracted the attention of politicians and many media far beyond these two states. In conditions of severe sanctions war between Russia and the West closer to the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union is perceived in a particular context.


Kazakhstan and Poland - a country divided along geographic lines, but connivent history. Since the XIX century, when the Kazakh steppes began to settle Poles. There were several waves of immigrants, both inside and on a voluntary basis. And those and others on the Kazakh land met in the same way - with the characteristic local hospitality and cordiality. Adopted at home later, Poles have made a significant contribution to the science and culture of Kazakhstan. Today the descendants of displaced persons are still living in the country. Polish diaspora in the country has about 40 thousand people. Kazakhstan for them - a real homeland to leave that they are not going to. Although Poland was started 15 years ago, the repatriation process.


On the historical ties and not only spoke Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda. It was the first official visit of the Kazakh leader in Poland for 14 years. What is important -one at the invitation of Warsaw. The highest status of the visit - the "state" is obviously says about the special attention to the head of Kazakhstan. In Poland, trying to give a new impetus to relations with the Central Asian partner. In the context of the global economic crisis, it is especially important. Two countries - a huge potential for cooperation.


Both Kazakhstan and Poland is among the countries that have managed to get through the crisis of the world economy without large losses. Poland - the only EU country that even in turbulent financial storm in 2008 was able to resist and avoid a recession, which helped keep the impressive economic performance. Now the Polish economy continues to demonstrate enviable stability compared with its neighbors in the European Union. Last time the country's GDP has declined, and that is extremely small, only in 2012.


Kazakhstan also have something to be proud of. Republic has been and continues to be the most stable in economic and political terms of state in Central Asia. In Kazakhstan, the crisis has not only survived, but even managed to reorient the time to start a large-scale diversification of the economy and run several major state projects for the construction of infrastructure as well as the transformation of the socio-political life of the country.


Among the major issues of public interest in Astana and Warsaw - agriculture and transport logistics. The latter - a priority. It is through Kazakhstan and Poland is the shortest land route from Asia to Europe. Kazakhstan only develops its transit potential. Poland is looking for new export routes, in an environment where the direction of Russia was closed. Thus, the two countries are of particular interest to each other. In the future, their co-operation can change the map of trade routes across the continent. Today, the vast majority of the goods - 90% - comes from Asia to Europe by sea. More economical land area, is clearly underestimated, and almost never used.


Great prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation have intergovernmental agreements. Also signed contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars between the businessmen of the two countries after the visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is given a powerful impetus to a new round of the Kazakh-Polish cooperation.


And in this context, even an intense and almost scandalous football match Kazakhstan - Poland qualifying round of the 2018 World Cup is perceived quite differently. On the playground, as well as in the political field - two players of equal strength. But if the sport we're talking about the opponents that are in the game at times violate the rules and can behave rudely, the policy of Kazakhstan and Poland - are reliable partners and good friends, who show loyalty to one another and to the spirit of a long and fruitful cooperation.


And obviously, that this cooperation should not be viewed only in the context of bilateral relations. Kazakhstan has extensive experience in various conflicts mediator. Official Astana, for example, plays a significant role in the settlement of the Turkish-Russian conflict. And the evaluation of the role of the parties to the conflict, which is now successfully restore broken links. It is possible that in the case of Russia and the European Union to impose sanctions standoff, Kazakhstan will be able to return in a reasonable dialogue channel. Strengthening relations between Kazakhstan, as one of the Eurasian Economic Union, the leading states, with Poland, the fifth economy of the European Union, could be an important step towards the achievement of comprehensive peace in the continent. A world that is in a global terrorist threat and widespread economic uncertainty, more than ever necessary for all.






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