Another six points agreed upon regarding Caspian Sea legal status draft convention

By Seba Aghayeva

Caspian states agreed on six additional points of a draft convention on the Caspian Sea’s legal status, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim Rahimpour said March 5.


He made the remarks at a press conference after two-day talks held in Baku at the level of the working group on the defining the Caspian Sea’s status.


“The entire world is watching our negotiation process, and we hope the Caspian Sea will become a sea of friendship, peace and stability,” said Rahimpour.


“The discussions held in the last 20 years have created a favorable atmosphere for a full completion of work on the convention, and in Baku, it was possible to agree on six more of its points,” he added.


He said there is a convergence of positions of Azerbaijan and Iran on the issue of defining the legal status of the sea, and the Iranian side hopes that the Caspian Sea can be a good platform for future cooperation.


Russia and Kazakhstan signed an agreement on the delimitation of the northern part of the Caspian Sea in order to exercise sovereign rights for subsoil use in July 1998. The two countries signed a protocol to this agreement in May 2002.


Moreover, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan signed an agreement on the delimitation of the Caspian Sea and a protocol to it on Nov. 29, 2001 and Feb. 27, 2003, respectively.


Additionally, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia signed an agreement on the delimitation of adjacent sections of the Caspian Sea on May 14, 2003.


Caspian states signed the Framework Convention for the Protection of Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea in November 2003.









April 2016