By Alina Kantor

Austria continues hearings on the case of former Kazakh official Rakhat Aliyev, who on September 12 this year refused to participate in the meeting in which was to be considered the legality of his arrest. Thus, the preliminary conclusion is automatically extended for another two months. This was confirmed by an official representative of the land Criminal Court of Vienna. According to Austrian law Aliyev, if convicted, faces a sentence of 20 years in prison to life imprisonment. As you know, Vienna is its own investigation on charges of murdering two Aliyev bankers in Almaty. And also suspects him of money laundering.

Prosecution Aliyev, today known under the name of Shoraz, has a long history. In Astana, his trial was held in 2007. Then Aliyev was sentenced in absentia to 40 years in the aggregate a series of grave crimes.


In 2007, Astana tried unsuccessfully to deport him to his homeland. Aliyev first fled from Kazakhstan to Vienna. And then, after a federal court in Austria twice refused to extradite him, and released on bail of 1 million euros, moved to Malta, where he tried to obtain citizenship.


However, their own investigation of the kidnapping and murder of bankers "Nurbank" Vienna still decided to hold. Proved convincing package of evidence of guilt Aliyev submitted by Kazakhstan.


To avoid deportation to Kazakhstan, Aliyev decided to surrender himself in the summer of Austrian justice. Contrary to the opinion of lawyers, law enforcement authorities in Austria and sanctioned arrest extended.


Since the current Aliyev's arrest Austrian investigators urged Kazakh colleagues not to interfere in the investigation. They independently verified all the facts of guilt of the arrested. Examination of all witnesses and people who have dealt with the case, held via video conferencing - the very prosecutor in Kazakhstan did not come.


One of the reasons why the Vienna refused to help the Kazakh prosecutors, - possible political motives case against Aliyev. He himself had actually admitted that such motives in not.


Kazakhstan within political parties and their leaders in this case adhere to a common position - Aliyev is guilty of the charges against him. Particularly in so far as it relates to corruption and hostile takeovers.


Moreover, it is put forward versions involvement in the murder of a prominent Aliyev Kazakh opposition Sarsenbayev in February 2006. Convicted of murder 20 years killer admitted that the customer made Aliyev. And then the prosecutor's office of Kazakhstan decided to institute criminal proceedings in order to verify its involvement in the organization of the killing.


And if in fact the murder Sarsenbayeva Austrian prosecutor's office does not work, murder managers "Nurbank" the prosecutor's office in Vienna are treated very seriously. According to the Austrian public prosecutor there is evidence linking Aliyev in the crime. The prosecutor's office in Austria is more inclined to the version on the reliability of Kazakhstan presented the charges of murder and other crimes. Therefore Aliyev and his two alleged accomplices were arrested.


In the basic version of the investigation, the managers of "Nurbank" were killed for refusing to rewrite Aliyev's stake in the bank. Austrian prosecutor's office did not deny the possibility of his involvement in the crimes and conducting its own, very detailed and objective investigation. 

In the list of charges, which filed the Kazakh side, appears money laundering. And this crime is actively fighting the whole world. Opportunities that today provides the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring and Exchange of operational information between financial intelligence of the world was allowed to track the movement of suspicious funds.


In the case of a likely conviction to serve his term Aliyev will be in Austria. It is possible that he still have to go back to their homeland. Unless, of course, Vienna confirmed that all Kazakh prosecutors collected evidence against Aliyev, are authentic.







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