About project

“EuroDialogueXXI” – International Internet-portal is a free independent network confederation of individual and cooperative partners of the OSCE, CIS and EU member-states. It cooperates with the institutions of OSCE, EU and other international non-governmental and governmental organizations. This portal was grounded to promote information-full discussion of their problems. One of the main aims of the project is the creation of mechanism for monitoring and analyzing of cross-border, regional and subregional problems within Eurasia and within the global context to increase public awareness and for the international expert community to counsel on effective solutions of these problems. It also informs decision-makers and invokes their interest to lead dialogue within society. The project is called to assure strengthening of international credit and cooperation, development of interaction between government and civil society on the ground of fundamental democratic values; and eventually to prevent development of new separation processes in Europe, and between Europe and other regions of the world.

April 2016