Geopolitical rivalry, terrorism among threats facing Eurasia, Nazarbayev tells Astana Club


Astana Club, a platform to debate public issues based on Chatham House rules, kicked off its fourth annual meeting Nov. 12. The meeting focused on challenges facing the Eurasian region and the building of Eurasian strategic architecture. The meeting gathered 50 leading experts, politicians and diplomats from 33 countries.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed the event’s plenary session Nov. 13 outlining key risks threatening the greater region and ways to address them.

40 solar power stations connected to electrical grid in Iran


Over the past two years, 40 solar power plants were connected to the country's electrical grid, ISNA cited Seyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh, Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy, Chairman of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization, as saying.

He said that renewable energy production is beneficial and Iran invites investors to show interest in the energy sector.

Sadeghzadeh said that peak demand for electricity is in summer and 80 percent of electricity generation accounts for summer.

Water shortage is one of the country's serious problems, he said.

Keynote speech


by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the ''NATO Talk around the Brandenburg Tor'' Conference


(As delivered)

So president Schmidt, congratulations with the strong election result and I was never able to obtain anything like that when I did election campaigns in Norway.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is really a great pleasure to see you all and to be here in Berlin today and to be able to participate in this very important forum. And I really feel that I’m among friends of NATO. 

Twenty-nine years ago – almost to the day – a peaceful revolution brought down the Berlin Wall.

And the Brandenburger Tor ceased to be a Cold War symbol of division.