The Future of Eastern Partnership

By Daria Khaspekova Maria Gurova

The Ukraine crisis has ruptured the talks on Eastern Partnership. We have met Vladislav Belov (RAS Institute for European Studies), Nikolay Kaveshnikov (MGIMO-University), Olga Potyomkina (RAS Institute for European Studies), Kyrill Entin (Higher School of Economics) and András Rácz (Peter Pazmany Catholic University, Hungary) who shared their views on the project's future, EU interests in Ukraine and prospects for Ukraine-Europe cooperation.

Lithuanian Governament’s deal with E.ON could give boost to talks with Gazprom

With the West imposing sanctions on Russia amid the Crimea crisis, the Lithuanian government’s negotiations with Gazprom on gas prices and other supply terms have stalled again, but experts interviewed by BNS underlined the importance of the talks for both sides and some of them said that a deal with Germany’s E.ON to buy its stakes in Amber Grid and Lietuvos Dujos (Lithuanian Gas) would give a fresh impetus to the talks with the Russian gas monopoly.

How GDPR Could Affect the Transatlantic Relationship


By Susan Ness, Peter Chase

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — the most comprehensive regulation on the protection of personal data that currently exists — comes into effect on May 25. It will profoundly impact global debates about privacy and freedom of speech; cybersecurity and disinformation; citizen and consumer relationships with technology and technology companies; innovation and entrepreneurship; and the future of the transatlantic economy.

India withdraws from FGFA project, leaving Russia to go it alone


By Rahul Bedi, New Delhi and Reuben F Johnson, Kuala Lumpur

India withdraws from FGFA project, leaving Russia to go it aloneKey Points
India has pulled out of its 11-year collaborative programme with Russia to build a Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft
The decision has ramifications for both the IAF and the Russian aerospace industry
The Indian Air Force (IAF) has shelved its 11-year old collaborative Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) programme with Russia following enduring differences over its developmental cost and technological capabilities.