SCO states to strengthen security measures in connection with withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan

The SCO countries will strengthen security measures in connection with withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan, the decision was taken during the 24th meeting of the Council of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (RATS SCO), which was held on March 28 in Tashkent, the press service of the SCO RATS reported.

From Estonia to Azerbaijan: American Strategy After Ukraine

By George Friedman

As I discussed last week, the fundamental problem that Ukraine poses for Russia, beyond a long-term geographical threat, is a crisis in internal legitimacy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has spent his time in power rebuilding the authority of the Russian state within Russia and the authority of Russia within the former Soviet Union. The events in Ukraine undermine the second strategy and potentially the first. If Putin cannot maintain at least Ukrainian neutrality, then the world's perception of him as a master strategist is shattered, and the legitimacy and authority he has built for the Russian state is, at best, shaken. 

Frontline NATO: Energy, Science and the Warfighter

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) acknowledged the potential impact of energy security issues in the 2010 Strategic Concept and, more recently, in the Chicago Summit Declaration, which underlined the need to integrate, as appropriate, energy security considerations in NATO’s policies and activities, concentrating on areas where the Alliance can add value and make a difference. Efforts directed towards a significant improvement of the energy efficiency of NATO’s military forces (and at the same time reducing their impact on the environment) were identified as areas to explore.

Publisher: what should Armenians learn from Erdogan

Last week, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan took two bold actions: first, he blocked Twitter, a social media site with 12 million users in Turkey, to cover up revelations of corruption about himself and his inner circle; and second, he aided and abetted the Jihadist fighters’ invasion of Kessab, located in the Northwest corner of Syria, bordering Turkey, The California Courier Publisher Harut Sassounian writes in his article titled “What Should Armenians learn from Prime Minister Erdogan?”