By Karen Vasina

In mid-December the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrates the 23rd anniversary of its independence. In the intervening years since the Soviet collapse Kazakhstan for the successful social and economic reform became the leader of the former Soviet Union. While earning the trust of the international community. Moreover, Kazakhstan's initiative today are finding acceptance and practical application.

Ukraine's energy system ready to provide for stable gas transit to Europe, says Ukrainian premier


Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk has assured the European Commission that the Ukrainian energy system is ready to provide for stable natural gas transit, the information and public relations department of the secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has reported.

Western Europe: The Autumn of Separatism


By Vladimir Schweitzer

In terms of the quest for independence, 2014 has been a bad year for separatist movements in a number of regions in Western European countries (Scotland, Catalonia, Northern Italy, Flanders, Greenland, Corsica, Northern Ireland and the Basque Country). In some countries, the separatists lost referendums and polls, while in others the mass actions of their supporters were unsuccessful. There were signs of differences among the European Union’s regional elites. This was due to a combination of economic, social, internal and external factors, considering the tense situation in the regions adjacent to Western Europe.