China’s Asia?

By Minxin Pei

Distinguishing diplomatic rhetoric from official policy is never easy. But it is especially difficult in China, where the government’s actions so often fail to match its statements. Given this, it is worth asking whether the latest slogan adopted by Chinese officials – “Asia for Asians” – is merely nationalist posturing for domestic consumption or a signal of a genuine policy shift.

Dreams deferred

RUSSIA’S unacknowledged war in Ukraine did not start with the annexation of Crimea. The precedent was set six years earlier, during a five-day war between Russia and Georgia that resulted in Russia’s occupation of the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Unwilling to confront Russia directly, Western leaders instead blamed the recklessness of Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia’s president at the time. That was when Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, reportedly began talking about Crimea.

Will Ukraine Become a NATO Member?


By Maria Gurova

NATO and Kiev representatives are to meet in Brussels on 2–3 December 2014 for political consultations on Ukraine’s full membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. But how realistic is such a discussion in the light of the current internal and foreign policy challenges facing the Kiev authorities? What is the likelihood of a clear and final positive decision being made with regard to Ukraine’s membership of NATO as a result of the two-day consultations? Tatyana Parkhalina, Ph.D. in History, Deputy Director of the RAS Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, Head of the Centre for Global and Regional Problems and RIAC expert; Dmitry Danilov, Ph.D. in Economics, Head of the European Security Department at the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Europe and RIAC expert; and Andrey Baikov, Ph.D. in Political Science (MGIMO) and Editor-in-Chief of the journal “International Trends” discuss the situation.


By Karen Vasina

In mid-December the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrates the 23rd anniversary of its independence. In the intervening years since the Soviet collapse Kazakhstan for the successful social and economic reform became the leader of the former Soviet Union. While earning the trust of the international community. Moreover, Kazakhstan's initiative today are finding acceptance and practical application.