Central Asia safe haven for over 3,000 refugees - UNHCR Regional Representative

UNHCR REpresentative In year 2000, the UN General Assembly in its resolution decided that from 2001, June 20 would be celebrated as World Refugee Day. It was the year marking the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Since then, on this day tribute is paid to the courage and resilience of families forced to leave their homes fleeing from war and persecution.

Finnish White Paper on Foreign and Security Policy


By Pauli Järvenpää

Last week, on 17 June 2016, the Finnish Government published its white paper, Government Report on Finnish Foreign and Security Policy*. It was about time, since the previous one was prepared in December 2012, under a very different strategic environment in the Baltic Sea region. The 34-page Report analyzes Finland’s operative environment, the drivers of change, and the goals and key priorities for Finnish foreign and security policy over the next four years.