Opinion: Looking into the Far East – how Japan might affect our energy security

By Lukas Trakimavičius

Once Japan restarts its nuclear capabilities, it will reduce its reliance on LNG. As a result, global LNG prices should drop, benefiting European states that are eyeing LNG as an alternative to Russian gas. This is particularly crucial for such Eastern European states as Lithuania and Poland that have placed great hopes in their liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in Klaipėda and Świnoujście.

Polish-Latvian consultations on Latvia’s Presidency of EU Council

Strategic goals of Latvia’s Presidency of the EU Council and preparations for the October European Council meeting were the main focus of consultations between MFA Undersecretary of State Henryka Mościcka-Dendys and her Latvian counterparts: Undersecretary of State for European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Inga Skujiņa, and Deputy Secretary of State for EU Funds at the Ministry of Finance, Armands Eberhards. The talks were held in Warsaw on 6 October.