40 solar power stations connected to electrical grid in Iran

40 solar power stations connected to electrical grid in Iran


Over the past two years, 40 solar power plants were connected to the country's electrical grid, ISNA cited Seyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh, Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy, Chairman of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization, as saying.

He said that renewable energy production is beneficial and Iran invites investors to show interest in the energy sector.

Sadeghzadeh said that peak demand for electricity is in summer and 80 percent of electricity generation accounts for summer.

Water shortage is one of the country's serious problems, he said.

It is an important step in the economic process to pay attention to the industrial sectors which use little water, Sadeghzadeh said.

He said that the prices for the electricity purchased by investors are worthy mentioning.

The support for investments and technologies is on the agenda, Sadeghzadeh said.

He added that currently, solar power plants produce 250 megawatts of electricity.

Taking into account the solar rays in Iran, jobs can be created in this sector, Sadeghzadeh said.


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