US Vice President promises Russia tougher sanctions and isolation

Instead of fulfilling its obligations Russia has resorted to provocations. Western sanctions will be a reply.


US is ready to strengthen sanctions against Russia if it does not perform its obligations under the settlement of the situation in the Donbas.


"If things continue to go on, the Russian Federation will pay an even greater price, and it will be isolated," said Vice President Joseph Biden at the joint press conference with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv.


He added that instead of fulfilling its obligations Russia has resorted to "a provocation, to an even greater disregard of the agreement which was signed by Russia."


"If Russia fulfilled its obligations, respected the sovereignty of Ukraine and its territorial integrity, then we could have started a rational discussion about the future of the sanctions, but so far this has not happened," said the Vice-president of the United States.


The new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Grzegorz Schetyna urged the EU to prepare the new sanctions in advance against Russia in the event of a new Russian aggression in Ukraine.


 According to him, if Russian invades the cities in the Eastern Ukraine, such as Mariupol, the EU immediately should enter sanctions against Russia, not only starting their developing. Sanctions and low oil price remains "the most powerful weapon against Moscow," he said.



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