Situation in Yerevan not to affect Kazakh-Armenian economic relations – expert

The situation in Yerevan will not impact the economic relations of Kazakhstan and Armenia, Chief Research Officer of the Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies Vyacheslav Dodonov says.    


In an interview with Kazinform, Dodonov shared his view on the events in Yerevan and their possible influence on Kazakhstan.


“To my mind, these events will in no way reflect on economic relations of the two countries, because trade turnover between Armenia and Kazakhstan is not huge. Therefore the current situation in Armenia will not affect our ties. Besides, in my opinion, such kinds of splashes do not rule out prerequisites for economic collaboration. It means, that our trade will continue regardless of street protests since it is determined by economic interests of the participants of this trade,” says the expert.


According to Vyacheslav Dodonov, the events will not likely affect the economies of the EEU partner countries due to Armenia’s small economy. Its influence within the EEU is quite little, he adds.


As for the national currency of Armenia, in Dodonov’s opinion, the events may temporarily impact on exchange rate formation mechanism.