Poroshenko recalls in Minsk that people have made their choice

Ukraine, as a responsible member of the international community, demands respect for its sovereignty, territorial integrity and borders.


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said this in Minsk on Tuesday at a meeting in the EU-Ukraine Eurasian Troika format.


"Ukraine is a responsible member of the international community and demands respect for its sovereignty, territorial integrity and borders in accordance with generally accepted rules of international law," he said.


He expressed confidence that none of the meeting participants questioned the independence of Ukraine and the right of its people to determine their present and future.


"We do not impose anything on anyone and we do not want anyone to impose any form of government system or integration area of foreign development on us. The Ukrainian people have made their choice in favor of a unitary, democratic, European state," Poroshenko said.


He said that the purpose of his visit to Minsk was to do everything possible to stop the bloodshed and give an opportunity to begin the complex process of finding a political compromise.


According to Poroshenko, the participants in the meeting in Minsk "should find together the right solution, on which peace on the continent depends."


Kazakhstan ready to hold next meeting on settling situation in Ukraine


President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to hold regular trilateral meetings discuss settlement situation in Ukraine.


"We propose to maintain the format of high-level negotiations to come up with win-win solutions that started today," the Head of State said during the summit of the leaders of the CU, President of Ukraine and EC reps in Minsk. 


"It is necessary to hold such meetings regularly to continue constructive negotiation process," the Present noted.



By Infrom.kz, Ukrinform








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