Péter Szijjártó: Hungary strives for the diversification of gas supply sources and routes

Exclusive interview of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Mr. Péter Szijjártó.


Hungary is one of the founders of the Visegrad group. How would you estimate its operation and prospects? 


The cooperation of the Visegrad Group is unique in the EU. The political and economic weight of the Central European countries are continuously growing, given the fact that these economies are performing better than the European average. The leaders of the countries of the Visegrad Group regularly consult before the European Council meetings and in most cases reach a common standpoint in the most important questions.


To your mind, what should the European Union modernize or change in its Eastern policy and good neighbourhood policy?


The Eastern Partnership is one of the key political strategies of the EU. The standpoint of Hungary is that customized strategies are needed for countries in question, and the closest cooperation should be strived for according to the member states’ ambitions.


We have lately observed quite noticeable intensification of the relationship between Hungary and Kazakhstan. What is the cause for such intensification?


There is a historic friendship between Hungary and Kazakhstan; in order to enhance the cooperation, several agreements have been singed due the complementary nature of the two countries' economies.


What way does Hungary intend to assure its energy security?


Hungary strives for the diversification of gas supply sources and routes. Beyond the development of the interconnectors, a strategic investment is needed: a pipeline which can transport gas from the Turkish regional gas distributor to Central Europe.


Being the NATO member does Hungary participate in security assurance in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?


Hungary is a committed member of NATO and participates in the most important missions, furthermore Hungary closely cooperates with its Central European partners.