Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan need to redirect investment flows as combustibles’ future spells doom

The wider Caspian region, which comprises the Caspian littoral states and the lands to their east, is sitting on a vast riches of subsoil resources of which combustibles are made to quench the world’s ever increasing thirst for energy. Those who dedicate their lives and/or cash to such resources hardly ever miss an occasion to stress the need for them, downplaying the growing importance of alternative resources, located not under but on and above the earth’s surface and being infinite.

Next rounds in the Astana process


By A. Dunn

Following the results of the fifth round of talks in Astana, the head of the Russian delegation Alexander Lavrentiev said that the military of the three guarantor countries (Russia, Iran and Turkey) almost 100 percent agreed on de-escalation zones in Homs and East Guta, and at the level of expert working groups the process The definition of these zones has already been completed.