China's Increasing Security Buffer on Its Western Frontier

An increasingly important component of Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative can be found in the Central Asian corridor that connects China and Afghanistan. China has been expanding its economic and security cooperation in Central Asia in recent years. Reports this week that China plans to build a military base for Afghanistan's armed forces in the northeastern province of Badakhshan suggest that the strategic yet perennially unstable country is quickly following through on the plan.

Kaunas - European Capital of Culture, interview with Neil Peterson

Neil Peterson was one of ‘Liverpool – European Capital of Culture (ECoC) 2008’ team members, who is now working with various European cities, such as Kaunas, that have won this status in helping them to achieve their goals. With Neil Peterson, who was recently visiting Kaunas, we spoke about the potential of Kaunas city, the challenges that ‘Kaunas 2022’ team is yet to face in the future and Liverpool's 2008 success, which leads city ten year on.