Kazakhstan continues historic focus on science and innovation

It lasted less than two hours, but the impact of the first manned space flight on April 12, 1961 still rings around the world more than half a century later. The individual bravery of Yuri Gagarin, combined with the extraordinary vision and engineering brilliance which put him into orbit, remains a powerful symbol of how the most difficult challenges can be overcome. Space travel continues to inspire and encourage humanity to raise our sights.

Ukrainian interest. Provocation in Lutsk, consolidation in Malta, and reanimation of GUAM

By Yevgeny Magda

A shell fired from a grenade launcher at the Polish Consulate General in Lutsk has become a new link in the chain of provocations directed against the development of Ukrainian-Polish relations. The Congress of the European People's Party addressed the Ukrainian issue. GUAM member states will try to revive the organization by creating a free trade area.