OSCE: Current State and Perspectives

Zoran Prescher

It is quite evident that Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe experiences now not the best times. Its summit did not gather for almost ten years already. Because of difficulties of principle the Organization’ Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs during last seven years is not able to adopt Joint Declaration at its annual meetings.

These disagreements are the consequence of the diametrically opposite positions of the West and Russia. In order to make current situation more clear it is expedient to consider in more details the last meeting of the aforementioned Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs that took place in the beginning of December of 2008 in Helsinki.

EU Competitiveness and Industrial Location

In its May 2005 the Group of Economic Policy Analysis (GEPA) discussed the issue of EU competitiveness and industrial location. At that meeting, a request was made for BEPA to prepare a report taking stock of the phenomena of delocalisation and outsourcing in particular and globalisation in general assessing their impact on the European economy and (iii) considering how potential challenges can be addressed.

This report – a draft of which was presented to the GEPA in September 2005 – is a response to this request. The report discusses EU trade patterns, reviews factors affecting industrial location decisions, reviews relevant evidence on globalisation and relocation and their impact in particular on employment and presents a set of policies aimed at improving the EU's competitiveness and its ability to address challenges emanating from these shocks.