Kazakhstan, China to implement fuel assemblies project

Kazakhstan’s National Atomic Company Kazatomprom, Ulba Metallurgical Plant and China’s CGNPC Uranium Resources Co. Ltd. signed an agreement on the principles of implementation of a fuel project, Ulba Metallurgical Plant said.


The agreement is aimed at realization of a deal previously signed by Kazatomprom, CGNPC Co. Ltd., CGNPC-URC Co. Ltd. and CGN Mining Co. Ltd. on the design and construction of a fuel assemblies plant and joint development of uranium deposits in Kazakhstan.


Kazatomprom and China General Nuclear Power Corporation signed a commercial terms agreement for design and construction of a fuel assemblies plant in Kazakhstan in December 2015.


The agreement establishes fuel assemblies production for Chinese nuclear power plants in the Ulba Metallurgical Plant in Kazakhstan with an output capacity of 200 tons per year.


Technologies from French company AREVA, which is a world leader in fuel assemblies production, will be used in the Kazakh plant.


The project worth 48 billion tenges is expected to be launched in 2020.


Kazakhstan is the biggest uranium producer in the world. In 2015, the country produced 23,800 tons of uranium



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