Islamic Development Bank to support Turkmenistan in construction of roads

IDBInformation about the results of the meeting of representatives of Islamic Development Bank on May 18-23 held in Ashgabat was announced by Turkmen government at the session. According to the given information, the participation of IDB in the financing of eight projects on transport sector and support of small and medium businesses for 2016-2018 was considered, reports National News Agency.


Modernization of highways Madana Esenguly, Mary-Serhetabat, the construction of the railway Atamyrat-Ymamnazar-Aquino, airports in Atamyrat and Garabogaz cities including the tankers for transportation of oil products, two tugboats, one the passenger vessel are among the planned activities.


Participation of IDB is considered in financing of laying fiber-optic lines from Turkmenbashi to Bakuand cities and improvement of Internet services.


Turkmen President appreciated the proposals and addressed a number of guidelines for the preparation of the Programme of IDB for Turkmenistan 2016-2018.



AKI Press