Government of Switzerland to support four intercommunity projects involving migrants in Moldova

The local authorities and migrants from 13 localities in Moldova will unite their efforts to implement four intercommunity projects launched today in village Dolna, Straseni district. They are to be implemented by support of Government of Switzerland, which provides grants for sustainable development of localities with involvement of left – wing citizens, within MiDL, implemented by UNDP.

There were selected four projects upon tender, attended by 17 localities groups, having as leaders partners of project MiDL.

One of initiatives that got funding is development of tourist route "Dor de Codru", in Cioresti, Micleuseni and Dolna, in Nisporeni and Straseni districts. Another project provides for creation of a voluntary intercommunal service of volunteer firemen, serving localities Cherenza, Vadul Isac and Colibasi, Cahul district.

Also, inhabitants of Carpineni, Mingir and Negrea, Hancesti district will have a modern waste management system, and it will be set up a centre placement for disadvantaged people in Copceac, Cairaclia, Novosiolovca and Aluatu (Gagauzia and Taraclia district).

"These projects are truly unique and necessary for people. This is an innovative model through which several localities identify a common problem and join their efforts to solve it, including with support of migrants," declared during inauguration ceremony, project coordinator at Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Moldova, Radu Danii.

Each of four groups of localities will benefit of grants $50,000 from Government of Switzerland. Additionally, local authorities will allocate over $106,000, and natives out of 13 communities will contribute over $15,000.