Europe's East

The Flip Side of Euro-Atlantic Integration


Many people equate the European Union with Europe, overlooking a few nuances along the way. From a historical point of view, of course, it is clear that the EU, having contributed to ending centuries of war and violent conflict among its member states, nowadays embodies the antithesis of pre-1945 Europe. And in geographical terms, the EU’s successive enlargements have allowed it to reflect, far more closely than ever before, the full expanse of the European continent.

Draft National Security Strategy of Moldova

By A. Dunn

The issue of the advantages and disadvantages of the current model of national security, as well as the status of Moldova's permanent neutrality, is being brought back, the process of gradual abolition of which was launched with the advent of pro-European parties in 2009. At the same time, the behind-the-scenes and public struggles related to neutrality are actually reduced to the problem of cooperation with the North Atlantic Alliance, which was confirmed by the recent decision of the Constitutional Court. At the same time, the situation around Moldova's neutral status may become part of a larger political combination.

Hungary, Kazakhstan share “common past, dynamic present, promising future,” envoy says

This March, Kazakhstan and Hungary marked the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The common roots and historical ties between the two nations have always served as a firm basis for mutual sympathy and trust. Today, a real boost in the bilateral cooperation is observed with significant growth in trade turnover, promotion of fruitful political dialogue and the sharing of common views on many issues on the international agenda.