EU, Georgia launch two projects to support sustainable rural development

EU-funded projects with a budget of 22 million euros (60 million GEL) implemented by the UNDP and the FAO will provide direct assistance to rural communities and support the governments of Georgia and the Adjara Autonomous Republic in sustainable agriculture and rural development policy.
The launch ceremony of the two projects funded under the EU’s European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) was held in Kobuleti, Adjara region on June 15.

The project "FAO support to Georgian agricultural sector under ENPARD-3” with a budget of 12 million EUR will provide direct assistance to rural communities and farm holdings while the other project "ENPARD-3: Improving Rural Development in Georgia” with a budget of 10 million EUR will provide direct assistance to non-agriculture related economy in rural areas.

As the acting Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Nodar Kereselidze said, the Georgian government will focus on three main areas in the upcoming five years. These include the diversification of local economy, increased competitiveness of Georgian agriculture and improvements in environmental protection and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Both EU funded projects are fully funded by the EU and will last 60 months.  They are part of the third phase of the EU’s ENPARD programme, which assists Georgia in reducing rural poverty, boost the development potential of rural areas, and create economic and social opportunities for people.

ENPARD has been implemented in Georgia since 2013, with a total budget of €179.5 million. Its first phase focused on developing national agriculture potential, while the second and third phases aim to create economic opportunities for the rural population that go beyond agricultural activities.



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