May’s India visit: Will UK fulfil its stated aim of being open to the world?

By Sir Keith Burnett and Dominic Shellard

As the new British Prime-Minister makes her first official visit as premier to India accompanied by business leaders and university presidents, the vice-chancellors of Sheffield and De Montfort Leicester universities reflect on what the UK really needs to say -- and hear -- in India.

A unique approach for the development of dialogue

By Arthur Dunn

The recent geopolitical processes show that no system of government is not immune from illegal activities of terrorist groups and the influence of negative economic processes. The processes of illegal migration, expansion of international criminal networks by selling drugs and the slave trade are among the few issues facing the Asian continent. In addition, a high potential for conflict is saved as a result of the ongoing territorial disputes and militarization observed by a number of countries, including through capacity-building and nuclear delivery vehicles.


By Alina Kantor

Britain finally abandoned support for fugitive Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov. At last, all attempts to regain the status of a refugee in London refused. It seems that Britain no longer wants to be a place of "voluntary exile" of corrupt officials from the former USSR. But her role, seems ready to seize some of the continent.