An unexpacted result

By Kim Shtern

The trial in Kazakhstan in the case of M. Ablyazov, one of the most famous financial fraudsters of the 21st century, led to a very unexpected result. Support for the former owner of BTA Bank refused the most zealous of his supporters.

SCO can now better promote regional unity

By Zhu Dongyang

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was expanded for the first time at the two-day summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, with the inclusion of India and Pakistan. The inclusion of the two major regional countries in the SCO demonstrates the organization's growing appeal.
After the expansion, the eight-member bloc will cover nearly half of the world's population and three-fifths of the Eurasian continent, which will greatly boost its role of promoting regional stability and prosperity.

Astana is ready for EXPO 2017, Mayor says


These days, Astana is probably the busiest and most sleepless city in Central Asia. In an exclusive interview with The Astana Times, Akim (Mayor) of Astana Asset Issekeshev talks about the most relevant issues for the capital, the development of the transport system, the attraction of investments and, of course, the city’s preparedness for the highly anticipated EXPO 2017 to be held under the theme of Future Energy.

British programme at EXPO 2017 focus on creativity as source of energy

The British Council will present the Future Creative programme to bring U.K. contemporary culture to Kazakhstan and to promote cooperation between cultural leaders of Kazakhstan and the U.K. as part of the EXPO 2017. The programme will focus on the U.K.’s economy and feature a package of innovative projects in music, theatre and creative leadership designed to engage citizens in the life of smart cities.