Energy security

To finance the energy transition, EU leaders must restore their ambition

By Stephanie Pfeifer

The investment case for low-carbon energy is strong: increased economic growth and jobs, reduced transition risks, and the most cost-effective pathway to realising the goals of the Paris Agreement. Why, then, are EU energy ministers so reluctant to provide the legislative framework required to shift the trillions? writes Stephanie Pfeifer.

"Turkish Stream": Ankara and Europe


By Arthur Dunn

Negotiations with Turkey on the "Turkish Stream" are not easy - but it is clear that for Russia this project is so priority that it is ready to make various concessions on other issues. In particular, she unofficially agreed with the Turkish army's operation in the Syrian province of Idlib - in order not only to expand its sphere of influence in the north of Syria, but also to prevent the creation of Kurdish autonomy on Syrian territory. Since December 1, the Turkish tomatoes are returning to the Russian market.

Beijing games in the gas market


By D. Rozanov

China, does not intend to limit itself to deliveries only from Russia. In China, the first batch of Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) was delivered in container tanks. Suppliers and buyers consider this export model to be very promising. Over the next two years, Gazprom will create its own gas liquefaction technology, the head of the Russian Ministry of Energy announced after the meeting of the interdepartmental working group on import substitution in the fuel and energy sector.