Energy security

Region of ecological activity

By D.Rozanov

The current year, 2017, was declared the Year of Ecology in Russia. The goal is to draw attention to the problems existing in the environmental sphere and improve the state of the country's environmental security. A very timely step. After all, more than 40 million Russians live in dysfunctional environmental conditions, and more than 1 million - in territories where the level of pollution is characterized as dangerous. Russia ranks third in the world in terms of the level of energy extravagance and the first - in terms of the volume of absolute losses in heat networks.

The impact of a number of factors on world trade in resources

By D.Rozanov

The current development of world energy is affected by a number of differently directed factors: the depletion of some traditional deposits and the development of new, sometimes more difficult-to-reach oil shale or heavy oil deposits, efforts to build capacities for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and to provide transportation infrastructure. It is necessary to spend considerable funds on the development of renewable energy sources (RES), on improving technologies for extraction and processing of resources. This is taking place with the aggravation of the political situation and outbreaks of military operations in the Middle East region, which accounts for about 43% of the world's oil production. All this causes a divergence of supply and demand, a depressive state of prices, affects the structure of the existing commodity flows and their filling.