Commander of Tajik special police unit confirmed that he joined ISIS

Colonel Gulmurod Halimov, commander of OMON (Special Purpose Police Unit) of the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan, who has been missing since beginning of May and suspected of joining ISIL, has confirmed that he actually did join the group.


He said in a 12-minute video released on Youtube on May 27 that he joined the ISIL due to a broad anti-Islamic campaign of the Ministry of Interior of Tajikistan.


Halimov said he would return to Tajikistan with "jihad" (war).


In the video, he is seen with a sniper weapon and wearing black armband on his head.


Being "true Muslim since 2001 and knowing the history of Tajikistan and Islam," he said he had deliberately joined the Islamic State.


Colonel Halimov was appointed commander of the Tajik special police unit in 2012.