Belgian politician lauds Kazakhstan's decision to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes

Kazakhstan's competitive advantage over some of the most developed European countries - members of the OECD is commitment to and continuity of the implementation of ambitious strategies and programs, Former Mayor of Ypres, Belgium and Vice President of Mayors for Peace Organization Luc Dehaene believes.


The eminent Belgian politician kindly shared his thoughts on the State-of-the-Nation Address "Kazakhstan's way-2050: Common goal, common interests and common future" with Kazakhstani journalists.


In his address, the Head of State presented a comprehensive plan of Kazakhstan's accession to the club of 30 most developed countries of the world. He especially noted that the OECD member countries are among those 30 leaders, producing 60% of the global GDP.


Mr. Dehaene said that Western European countries and the OECD member states featured into the top 30 traveled a long way to be where they are now. However, Kazakhstan has a competitive advantage over some of these states - its commitment to and continuity of the implementation of ambitious strategies and programs.


"Western European countries often face difficulties while implementing the adopted strategies and programs. As the authorities change every five years, they initiate brand new programs, leaving the old unfinished ones behind. What we see in Kazakhstan is a gradual implementation of all strategies and programs pushed forward by the President. Your country has necessary resources and capabilities in place," he stressed.


In addition, the Belgian politician fully supported Nursultan Nazarbayev's idea to develop different types of energy based on traditional fuel, nuclear power and green technologies simultaneously.


"Kazakhstan prides on having necessary resources and capabilities. It does not limit itself to the traditional types of fuel by introducing green technologies and nuclear power. The latter will be used for peaceful purposes only and this is the right decision," Luc Dehaene concluded.









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