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EU needs changes, says Polish PM after talks with Merkel

The European Union needs to change and national parliaments need a stronger role, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło said on Tuesday after talks in Warsaw with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. READ MORE

The Pearl in the Great China Fleet

By Alexander Yermakov

The People’s Liberation Army Navy of China (the PLA Navy) is perhaps the fastest growing and most ambitious navy in the world. After decades of focusing on coastal defence, the PLA Navy is for the first time ever venturing into the world’s oceans and is prepared to fight for supremacy in the region. In order to back up its lofty territorial claims and confirm its status as a means of projecting the country’s power to the world, the PLA Navy has initiated a large-scale programme to build an aircraft carrier fleet.  READ MORE

TAPI project: Active talks underway to bring in more investors

The TAPI Pipeline Company Limited, created to construct the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline, continues active negotiations with all the parties wishing to join the project. READ MORE

China's solar power capacity more than doubles in 2016

China's installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity more than doubled last year, turning the country into the world's biggest producer of solar energy by capacity, the National Energy Administration (NEA) said . READ MORE

Water problems with some neihboring rivers


By D.Rozanov

Kazakhstan in spring can once again be faced with a decrease in the level of water in the transboundary rivers with China. Following Kazakhstan drought threat threatening several regions of Russia. Beijing to negotiate on the use of the water of transboundary rivers refuses and increases the water from them.  READ MORE

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