All the fraudulent schemes threaten with big troubles on an international scale

By Alina Kantor

In the USA, an investigation is ongoing against the former head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan, the former mayor of the largest city of Almaty, Viktor Khrapunov. In Kazakhstan, several dozen criminal cases have been opened against him on charges of corruption. V. Khrapunov himself was put on the international wanted list by the Interpol line. He is accused of money laundering, fraud, organization of a criminal group, abuse of power, bribery. Currently, his name appears in the case of another major fraudster - ex-banker Mukhtar Ablyazov.

Viktor Khrapunov, as American journalists recently found, is involved in corruption scandals not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the United States. On the American website of the McClutchy DC Bureau, materials were published linking V. Khrapunov and his relative M.Ablyazov about money laundering in the United States. And, as far as could be understood from the materials of the journalistic investigation, in the laundering of money in the United States a couple of Ablyazov-Khrapunov were assisted by some American businessmen, and in exchange these scammers provided similar services to their partners in other countries of the world.

A bunch of Ablyazov-Khrapunov has been known for a long time. The son of V.Khrapunov - Ilyas (he, too, is on the list of wanted by Interpol) helped M.Ablyazov to deduce stolen money from Kazakhstan. The reason for this friendship is simple - I.Khrapunov is married to the daughter of M.Ablyazov. So the relatives have established a completely successful (at the cost of a couple of tens of billions of US dollars) fraudulent business of looting Kazakhstan. Over the course of a number of years, processes in which V.Khrapunov and his family members have been accused of money laundering are underway in the United States. The relevant claim was filed by the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the spring of this year, the court of the Ninth Circuit of the United States (California) agreed to consider the civil claims of the akimat (mayoralty) of Almaty and the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan.

In accordance with these lawsuits, defendants are accused of violating the law on combating organized crime and corruption, violating the obligation to act in the interests of Almaty residents, misappropriating other people's property and criminal conspiracy to this end. In the district court will be presented evidence of the acquisition of the Khrapunov family and their companies real estate and luxury car fleet in the state of California using funds obtained through criminal means.

The recent investigation of American journalists only confirms the arguments of the Kazakh side in the criminal actions of V. Khrapunov and Co.. And Donald Trump's ex-partner Felix Sutter told reporters that he helped the Khrapunov family to invest millions of dollars in US real estate through various companies. Among the purchases were apartments in the "Trump Soho". Among V.Khrapunov's "investments" there were also money which were exiled from Kazakhstan by the fugitive oligarch M.Ablyazov through false offshore companies. Mostly through the Baltic banks.

So, in April 2013, through shell companies controlled by M. Ablyazov and V. Khrapunov, the latter were purchased apartments for $ 3.1 million from one holding company. By the way, in the same year, F.Satter and the family of the Khrapunovs quarreled because of the division of the profits from the transaction by $43 million with real estate in Ohio.
Another interesting fact of V. Khrapunov's connection with the United States. The Khrapunov family invested millions in a short-term company that tried to install biometric machines at airports across the country. The purpose of such a charity is to obtain a residence permit in the US for at least one member of their family.

While in the US is under trial, V. Khrapunov and his family live in Switzerland. The neutrality of this country guarantees the safety of Khrapunov. As the spouse of the escaped Kazakh official Leila reports in social networks, Khrapunov rides a bicycle and writes memoirs. In general, it leads a perfectly decent life of a pensioner. Moreover, as Leila states, the ex-mayor of Almaty is generally a poor man, and lives on the money of his wife. It should be recalled that as an official, Hrapunov conducted all transactions through the business structures of the spouse and son. According to some reports, the Khrapunovs are among the richest inhabitants of Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Ukraine demanded that Switzerland issue a son, Viktor Ilyas Khrapunov, for organizing a hacker attack on a law firm that represents BTA Bank in this country. "BTA Bank Kazakhstan", as well as banks with similar names in other countries, as is known, previously belonged to M. Ablyazov. The amount of damage from fraudulent schemes of a criminal oligarch to a Kazakh bank alone is more than $7.5 bln. Earlier, the High Court of England imposed a ban on the use of assets of I.Khrapunov. In fact, the court supported the claims of BTA Bank, filed against I. Khrapunov on charges of assisting M. Ablyazov. And he recognized him as part of a conspiracy with an ex-banker.

Switzerland also carefully study the history of the Khrapunov family, as it turned out that in Geneva they positioned themselves as representatives of the Central African Republic in the United Nations. According to the journalistic investigation, the couple were appointed by the former ruler of this country, François Bozizé, before he was deposed. But they still have passports of this country. But their son I. Khrapunov and his wife have citizenship of the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, after buying a plot of land on the territory of this island state of the Caribbean Sea.

In general, the family of another runaway Kazakh official who stole a lot of millions / billion dollars from his country is now in a very shaky position. The ties of V. Khrapunov and his family to the fugitive banker M.Ablyazov, criminal cases against which are brought in at once in three countries of the world. And an investigation into his frauds is being carried out in many European countries and in the US, threatens not only with the arrest of all accounts of the "poor" former Kazakhstanis, but also with the prospect of deporting them to their homeland. So far, Victor and Ilyas have successfully defended themselves against legal attacks. But the results of journalistic investigations and the consent of former business partners of Khrapunov in the United States to announce all the fraudulent schemes threaten the former Kazakh official with big troubles on an international scale.

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