Alarm call for the fugitive ex-oligarch

By Alina Kantor

Fugitive ex-oligarch Ablyazov accused the Kazakh authorities in the kidnapping of his former deputy in Zharimbetov BTA bank, who was detained at the airport in Turkey and sent to Astana


"The authorities of Kazakhstan have got into another trap in the global fight against me" - said Ablyazov, accused the security services of incompetence. And he gave advice immediately return Zharimbetov Turkey had agreed with him that he would not tell anyone about my abduction.


In fact, the purpose of performance Ablyazov was not in an attempt to protect the interests of Zharimbetov. Everything was just primitive. Ablyazov felt for himself the danger.


Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov Turkish border guards detained a forged passport on 17 January. The arrested, he admitted to himself, had already tired of hiding abroad from the investigation because while in the police station to give his real name and asked to inform the Consulate General of Kazakhstan. Since the registry was Zharimbetov Interpol, already 20 January was extradited to Astana.


Ablyazov received this information, of course, extremely worried. After all, his deputy, knows many financial schemes to launder funds of BTA Bank and can tell the investigators on the many features of the activity of a criminal group ..


Therefore Ablyazov and decided to be proactive. Kazakh authorities accuse of kidnapping, put pressure on them by the international community. And apparently, it is counting on the loyalty of Zharimbetov. No one has considered. A former associate will cooperate with the investigating authorities.


Firstly, how the detainee admitted he had not seen for eight years the family - it's an ordeal.


Secondly, it is insulting for those who are already in prison because of the criminal ambitions Ablyazov. After all, they were only managers and perform all the tasks of bank management in fear of losing their jobs. Sitting at someone he has no desire. Therefore, he is ready to help the investigation, to restore justice.


But most importantly, Zharimbetov denied the information about the kidnapping, telling about how it was all real.


- I want to say that no torture and no other measures had no impact. Some NGOs, some human rights organizations reported that, as the plight of the supposedly my life was in danger. This is not the case and I would like to emphasize once again and strongly say that really everything is normal - he said.


He gave and gave an assessment of the activities of Ablyazov. According to him, this man has no homeland, no flag. All he does is motivated by personal interests. Bank pocket party - these were just tools to ensure the prosperity and integrity.


- If a person possessed of power, what can I do? - Zharimbetov said, expressing sympathy for all those who one way or another has been used by Ablyazov and today is paying the price for his sins.


It is reported that now Zharimbetov is at large, but under house arrest. In the near future he will travel to Almaty for further investigations. It is not excluded that the detained ex-banker will make a deal with the investigation and, therefore, may not even be held criminally responsible.


And what do most Ablyazov? There is no doubt that in the near future fugitive tells all about torture, which was subjected to Zharimbetov, threats to his family, about his inability to resist the regime, why he agreed to a deal with the investigation.


But not even this most annoying and myopia and infantilism European Themis, which is in London appoints a real prison term offender, and in Paris free him from custody. This is not a double standard, it is the legal impotence of the European Union.






February 2017