Ukrainian interest. Provocation in Lutsk, consolidation in Malta, and reanimation of GUAM

By Yevgeny Magda

A shell fired from a grenade launcher at the Polish Consulate General in Lutsk has become a new link in the chain of provocations directed against the development of Ukrainian-Polish relations. The Congress of the European People's Party addressed the Ukrainian issue. GUAM member states will try to revive the organization by creating a free trade area.

Uranium production legacy in Central Asia tackled with international assistance


A joint mission of the European Commission (EC) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) visited Kyrgyzstan March 28-31 with the aim of solving the problems the uranium production legacy poses to the country’s environment. Min-Kush, Shekaftar and Mailuu-Suu were defined as top priority sites for environmental remediation.