A New Step Forward to Greater Regional and Global Security

By Erlan Idrissov

Strengthening international security is one of the top priorities of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan pursues its primary mission – strengthening the sovereignty, territorial integrity, national security and defense of the nation – through consistent efforts to strengthen regional and global security, by making a substantial contribution to the establishment of a fair and democratic world order and by promoting the peace-building initiatives of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Russia’s Blockbuster Gas Deal Makes It Look Weak


The politics of energy are getting ever more interesting following the signing of a historic 30 year gas deal between China and Russia. The deal has been portrayed as Putin’s revenge for Western sanctions imposed following the conflict in the Ukraine. He’s sending a message that Russia has other options aside from exporting its natural resources to Europe. (The U.S. is increasingly energy independent and doesn’t need Russian gas.) The photo-op of Chinese president Xi Jinping and Putin downing a shot of vodka following the deal close was classic.