By Arthur Dunn

For the second year in a row spending on research and innovation in China exceed 2% of China's GDP. Such data are contained in the statistical summary, prepared jointly by the State Statistical Office, Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Finance of the China.

Europe will reduce gas consumption

By Daniel Rozanov

Oil and gas industry are waiting for hard times: after the fall in world oil prices will face a forced reduction in production and gas industry is waiting for the decline in exports to Europe. Total gas consumption in Europe will decrease, not increase as hoped in "Gazprom". Big problems can arise when building new export routes - such as the "Nord Stream-2".

Global project «New Future»

By Jakob Platts

The terrorist attacks in Paris, in the center of Europe-- new benchmark for history. The point, after which the world must radically change the rules of the global behavior. Erase all border disputes and conflicts and unite against a common, the most important threat - terrorism. 

This is a point of no return in Syrian crisis: Yerlan Karin about Russian warplane shot down by Turkey


By Renat Tashkinbayev, Assel Satubaldina

On Tuesday, Turkish forces shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter jet near the Syrian border, claiming that they had repeatedly warned the plane about airspace violation. However, Russia insists that it received no warning, did not violate Turkey's airspace and was hit by the missile while flying over Syria.