Romania Convinces Ukraina In Hazard From Transnistria


Events in Ukraine turned the first time since World War II the center of the former Soviet Union in the field of battle can create behind Moldova and Transnistria hostile Moscow space. And to prevent the victory in the upcoming November 30 parliamentary elections in Moldova supporters Eurasian integration and the Customs Union. Armed conflict in Ukraine may weaken, isolate or even eliminate Transnistria as a state in which Washington and its allies see only outpost of Russia. Naturally, the civil war in Ukraine complicates the situation of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic (TMR).

Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union moves south: the case of Kyrgyzstan

By Fabio Belafatti

For some former Soviet countries, the decision to align with Russia is not a matter of competing geopolitical strategies: it’s a necessity dictated by economic reasons and by Moscow’s massive blackmailing power. One such case is Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia. This however does not mean that joining the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union is necessarily bad. For some states, including Kyrgyzstan itself, the risks of being “left behind” are just too big to be ignored.


By Daniel Rozanov

Lithuania should become the first Baltic state, which will be able to significantly reduce its dependence on Russian gas. While Lithuania integrated gas network only to the east, and the country is 100% tied to the supply of "Gazprom". And this country has become the only one of the Baltic countries, which for the implementation of the EU Third Energy insisted on separation of gas transportation capacity of gas structure Lietuvos Dujos, where the "Gazprom" is one of the major shareholders.

NATO Secretary General says transatlantic relationship is ''critical'' to security


NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, speaking at the Transatlantic Bond Project Conference in Brussels on Tuesday (10 June 2014), stressed the importance of a strong relationship between Europe and North America to address current security risks and threats. “Transatlantic resolve and unity will be critical in meeting all these complex challenges”, he said. “NATO is the unique political and military instrument that allows us to muster that transatlantic resolve, and translate it into unified action”.